About Us
Roadrunner Kennels is located in the beautiful countryside of Hockley, Texas, just northwest of Houston.  Our Weimaraners are raised in a natural setting with lots of room to run, romp, and play.  With six acres fenced for the dogs, and endless open area for them to swim, explore, and run, our Weimaraners live the good life.  Our dogs are raised as a part of our family, and they love everything from hikes in the woods and playing fetch with the kids to snoozing the day away.

Roadrunner Kennels was inspired by two actual roadrunners that live on the property and Heather's love for running with her dogs. Although our Weimaraners love a nice, long run, they also hunt, swim, and play fetch or tag. Our Weimaraners are a huge part of our family, and everyone gets involved with their care, whether playing with puppies or working in the kennel. Weimaraners make excellent companions; their eager to please personality makes them suitable for many "jobs."

Our Weimaraners are show and hunt quality, and they also make excellent running dogs, hunters, companions, and friends.  Our top priorities are superior temperments, sound health, and well-rounded ability. We pride ourselves on the fact that our Weimaraners compete successfully in many AKC events, are well socialized, and add so much joy to our world.

We welcome and encourage scheduled visits to meet our Weimaraners. With just a 45 minute drive from Houston, we are easy to find.  Please contact us with questions about any aspect of our business or to be placed on our waiting list. We’re always happy to hear from fellow Weimaraner enthusiasts!

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International Champion & Best of Breed winner Bella
One of our Roadrunners

We are no longer breeding. Boarding only.
AKC Best of Opposite
Our Weims have room to RUN!
Our evening walks